Why You Need A Customized Treatment Plan For Accufit

Looking to enhance your fitness levels this Spring-Summer? Look no further than Accufit – the revolutionary program that offers targeted muscle activation treatments in just 30 minutes. But with so many treatments available, why is Accufit particularly suitable? In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of Accufit – and why a customized treatment plan […]

How can body sculpting help take care of yourself

When it comes to self-care, how exactly does body sculpting play a role? Are you frustrated by falling short of obtaining the body you want? If that’s the case, you might want to think about getting some body sculpting done. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure has quickly risen in popularity as a viable alternative to more […]

How Medically Supervised Weight Loss Can Help You Feel At Your Best

Weight loss is a difficult and often discouraging process. While it’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon of the next fad diet or miracle weight loss product, keep in mind that not all approaches to losing weight are made equal. Individuals who want to lose weight and keep it off permanently can benefit from the […]

Next Level Confidence With Our Body Sculpting Treatment

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The holiday season is a time for celebrating with loved ones, but it can also mean indulging in delicious food and skipping a few workouts. So, if you feel self-conscious about your body after the holidays, you’re not alone. However, there’s no need to feel discouraged. At Ellevate Med Spa, we offer a body sculpting […]

6 Tips To Maximize Your Accufit™ Results

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Oftentimes, people who have plateaued in their workout routines seem to have a hard time achieving their target muscle mass and firmness. This is because even targeted exercises can only stimulate 30-40% of the muscles in that area. Luckily, Accufit™ – a revolutionary body sculpting treatment can help you build and firm up your muscles […]

How Body Sculpting Can Help You Feel at Ease With Your Body

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Did you know that a healthy weight can look different from person to person? This is because your genes and body composition decide where you carry more weight (or fat). Some people tend to store fat under their chin (submental fat), while others are prone to accumulating such on their thighs, belly, and even their […]

Sculpt Your Abs With Accufit™

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Looking for more ways to lose fat, enhance your physical strength and stamina, AND build muscle so you can get better defined abs?  Our experts at Ellevate Med Spa believe that Accufit™ could be for you!  Accufit™ is a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that can help you lose fat, build and tone muscles, enhance your energy […]

Body sculpting

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Body sculpting, aka body contouring is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Body sculpting is the process where stubborn fat deposits are broken down, or dissolved to get rid of them. Previously, people used to undergo intense surgical procedures such as liposuction where cuts were made directly on your skin to get rid of fat deposits. […]