Lip Plump

Lip Filler treatment with natural hyaluronic acid product to hydrate and plump your pout. Price is per syringe. For infection control purposes, I will not split syringes or offer half syringes, unless packaged as half syringe.


Facial Rejuvenation

Also referred to as a non-surgical liquid facelift. Rejuvenate Your Face with natural Hyaluronic acid fillers to look like your best self. Supports bone structures and works to reduce the signs of aging. Areas include cheeks, chin, marionette lines, pre-jowl area, jaw line, undereye, lines around mouth. Pricing is per syringe.

starts at $750

Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands are one of the first things that age us. Plump up your hands for a more youthful appearance, and keep ‘em guessing how young you are! Pricing is per syringe.


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