Vitamin Injection Therapy

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Vitamin injection therapy, also called IV infusion is a rather simple process in which essential vitamins and nutrients are administered to the body via the IV route (bloodstream). This bypasses the digestive route which not only lets a large chunk of nutrients go to waste but can also lead to certain medical conditions in some individuals.  

You can get vitamin therapy to get a glowing skin, healthier mind and body, conditioned hair and so on!

Why do you need Vitamin Injection therapy?

Vitamins are a pretty essential component of our diet and help keep our skin young, hydrated, immunity strong, eyes sharp and whatnot!

There can be multiple reasons why someone would need a vitamin injection therapy, two of the most important reasons are dietary insufficiency and digestive tract problems. Dietary insufficiency is mostly seen in individuals with anorexia who either don’t focus on their diet due to lack of time or any other reasons whatsoever or someone afraid of weight gain. 

What are some of the health benefits of Vitamin injection therapy?

Enhanced appearance 

As compared to body creams and oral supplements, IV vitamins work wonders as they don’t have to cross a barrier to reach the bloodstream. IVs contain a mixture of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants which not only detoxify your body but also bring about the healing of damaged cells at a rather swift pace than any other form of administration.

Treatment of nutritional deficiencies 

Most of the skin disorders that arise are either infectious or due to some vitamin deficiency, certain diseases such as acne vulgaris can also be treated by vitamin injection therapy with vitamin A and E being the primary constituents.

Energy boost

Our body relies on glucose, vitamins, and amino acids for energy and to function, an infusion of vitamins can provide you with a weeklong boost of energy which is clean as compared to those energy and soft drinks. 

Cure hangover

At some point in our lives, almost all of us have had a killer hangover and relied upon someone’s secret formula to cure it . Here’s a medical secret; IV infusion of vitamins which also includes normal saline can cure the dehydration caused by alcohol in no time. It also contains some salts like Sodium chloride and magnesium chloride which reverse the effects of dehydration, thirst, light sensitivity, and dizziness.

 Keeps you young 

One of the most important vitamins that keeps you young is glutathione, it is a detoxifier that reverses the signs of aging. IV infusion of glutathione does wonders for your skin by preventing and treating wrinkling. It protects the body from the negative effects of toxins, oxidants, and radicals thus preventing age spots, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, acne, and other common skin disorders.

What are some of the common vitamins used in IV Vitamin therapy?

When you choose to receive vitamin injection therapy, you can choose based on their effects or as per your doctor’s prescription. Some of the most commonly prescribed IV vitamins are:

  • Glutamine
  • B- complex (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B12)
  • Glutathione

Along with that some minerals like Magnesium, selenium and Alpha Lipoic acid can also be infused.

 Is it safe?

The procedure is usually safe although when performed by an untrained professional. 

Here at Ellevate Med Spa, each step is performed meticulously by a trained and licensed individual which not only brings out the best results but makes it hassle-free.

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