How Can Laser Hair Restoration Help With Hair Loss?

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Hair loss can be a serious and stressful concern for both men and women. If you are going through hair loss and have grown tired of trying traditional remedies without seeing any significant results, you might want to explore an alternative treatment for hair loss.

Laser hair restoration, for instance, is a non-invasive and painless treatment for hair loss that can stimulate hair follicles to encourage the natural growth of new hair. 

And at Ellevate Med Spa, we are currently offering one of the latest hair restoration treatments out there: the Keralase™ Laser System. Before we talk about how this treatment works, let’s find out about different stages of hair loss first.

Different Stages Of Hair Loss

There are seven stages of hair loss that usually lead to male pattern baldness:

Stage 1: No noticeable hair loss.

Stage 2: Hair line shows slight recession.

Stage 3: Hair loss starts to become noticeable.

Stage 4: Hair loss becomes more severe, with no hair on the vertex, but a strip of hair might be visible between the receding hairlines.

Stage 5: Progression of stage 4.

Stage 6: A very thin strip of hair is visible between two bald spots.

Stage 7: This is the most severe type of hair loss. A horseshoe pattern is seen after baldness around the temporal and crown areas.

Female pattern baldness, on the other hand, can be divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1. Thinning of hair at the top or crown.

Stage 2. Hair loss around the middle parting that makes the scalp visible.

Stage 3. Baldness around the crown. 

How Can Laser Hair Restoration Treatment Treat Hair Loss? 

At Ellevate Med Spa, we use Keralase™ for our laser hair restoration treatment, which combines the effects of: 

  • LaseMD™ – a non-invasive technique that uses a laser to create micro-channels on the scalp, allowing for the better absorption of a hair growth serum called KeraFactor. 
  • KeraFactor – a serum containing different types of growth factors and proteins necessary for hair growth is applied to the scalp. It can rejuvenate and stimulate hair follicles, promote natural hair growth, and increase the thickness of the remaining hair.

What To Expect Before And After The Treatment

Laser hair restoration is relatively simple and may take about 30 minutes to complete. The laser might feel a little warm, but there is usually no pain whatsoever. Hence, the procedure is performed without anesthesia. 

Typically, 6 treatments are required to bring out the best results. However, the number of treatments can vary depending on each patient’s needs and concerns. 

The treatment is usually spread across 12 weeks, ideally with one session scheduled every two weeks. The results usually continue to improve with each session.

Dealing with hair loss can be frustrating for both men and women. Luckily, these advanced laser hair restoration treatments can help rejuvenate your hair and help boost your confidence at the same time. 

We at Ellevate Med Spa believe in using the most advanced treatments available to help you look and feel your best at any age. So, give us a call now and book your appointment.

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