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We put so much effort into beauty care habits for our faces, necks and chests. We frequently ignore our hands, and we barely notice that they also display signs of aging. Maintaining our hands soft, moisturized, and free of dark spots is simple with the right treatment.

Hands First

Like the skin under our eyes, the dermal layer on our hands is thin and fragile. We tend to disregard hand care to focus on our faces and body shape. We don’t notice that our hands age faster.

They are frequently exposed to sunlight and other ecologic aggressors, but we do not diligently defend them with SPF and other skincare products. We use and move our hands more than we do actions with our faces.

These constant movements cause the development of fine lines and wrinkles that exacerbates other signs of aging, such as dryness, dullness and uneven skin texture.

before and after hand rejuvenation

Hand Fillers

Hand fillers are a treatment approach that can successfully counteract the signs of aging. To fill in the lost tissue associated with aging, a substance will be injected into the back of the hands. Dermal fillers are perhaps the most popular type of hand filler, and they incorporate a gel made up of substances present naturally in the body.

Dermal fillers are classified into several types:

  • Radiesse. It is extensively used to recover volume in aging hands. Radiesse is made from calcium hydroxylapatite, found in bones and teeth. This dermal filler can aid conceal veins and tendons in addition to providing volume.
  • Restylane Lyft. It is a hyaluronic acid treatment method that is safe and effective for reviving volume in the hands while producing natural-looking effects. Hyaluronic acid enhances skin thickness and elasticity while also improving volume. This treatment enables healthcare providers to treat almost 65% of women over the age of 30 who genuinely think their hands make them appear older than they are.
  • Fat Injections. In corrective and cosmetic surgery, fat injections are commonly used. This method includes extracting fat tissue from various body parts and incorporating it into a specific area to regain volume and improve symmetry.

Whichever one your provider recommends will be based on your particular needs. The type of dermal filler used by providers would be the one they have the most experience with, enabling them to provide outstanding results.

The Procedure

Most of the time, your provider can complete the procedure in less than an hour. The technique varies from patient to patient, but it usually begins with your provider utilizing a local anesthetic or numbing cream to your palms and fingers before administering the dermal filler. Most patients experience minor discomfort only.

The post-procedure recovery process is relatively brief, with most patients revealing that they were able to resume their normal routines within a few days. Since you might encounter swelling, it is best to avoid vigorous activity two days after the treatment because they stimulate blood circulation and lengthen the inflammation.

Your provider may also prescribe a mixture of treatment options to help rejuvenate your hands faster, based on your needs. Lasers, for example, can be used to even out the skin tone of the hands, while sclerotherapy can be used to remove visible veins.

Hand Fillers of the Future

Hand fillers are an efficient method to revitalize the hands. We eventually lose collagen and elastin as we get older. That’s why we lose volume in some areas, such as our hands, and wrinkles form.

Dermal fillers function by filling the underlying support structure beneath the skin. They can fill in volume loss, and the skin will become softer, firmer, and more radiant. Dermal fillers can help postpone the emergence of fine lines, deep wrinkles and volume loss.

The length of your appointment depends on your cosmetic preferences and the condition of your hand. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to learn more.

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